It is also known as Shisha work & Abhla Bharat. It is found in the western parts of India, Baluchistan part of Pakistan.


In this hand technique, different shapes of mirror such as round, rectangle, triangle…etc is used to fascinate more the article. In mostly designs of the products – sadu bharat, chain stitch, french knot is sewn alongwith mirror work to give traditional look. In other words, we can say that it is a heart of the traditional articles to give gorgeous look of the product.

It is little complicated stitch than others. Mostly round shape of mirror available in the market but some shapes are not available then it has to cut as per desired shape in the glass sheet with its special scissors. First of all, place a mirror on the fabric and make a chain stitch loosely and thus onwards to complete the mirror work with a knot at the below side of the fabric.